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Aries PCIe®/CXL® Smart Cable Modules™: DesignCon Demo

At DesignCon, we showcased our new Aries PCIe®/CXL® Smart Cable Modules (SCMs) that enable multi-rack GPU clustering for AI with an industry-leading 7-meter reach over flexible copper cables.

Aries PCIe®/CXL® Smart Cable Modules™: First Look Demo

Get your first look at an end-to-end demonstration of our Aries PCIe/CXL Smart Cable Modules (SCMs) that enable multi-rack GPU clustering for AI with an industry-first 7 meters reach over flexible copper cables.

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Rack-Scale Demo of Taurus Ethernet Smart Cable Modules 

Check out this video demo of our Taurus Ethernet Smart Cable Modules™. Learn about the benefits of Active Electrical Cables and how Taurus enables up to 100G/lane PAM4 for Switch-to-Server and Switch-to-Switch interconnect, at rack scale.

Taurus Smart Cable Module™ 400GbE PAM4 Connectivity Demonstration

See a Taurus Smart Cable Module™ enabled 400GbE PAM4 Smart Electrical Cable in action with a demonstration of an end-to-end 400GbE link up passing error-free traffic as well as real-time link diagnostics.

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