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Leo Memory Connectivity Platform Breaks Through the Memory Wall

At Intel Innovation this year, we showcased how Astera Labs is the first to break through the memory wall! Our Leo CXL Smart Memory Controllers are the industry’s highest performance controllers on the market, and combined with 5th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors, Leo enables unprecedented performance by increasing memory bandwidth and capacity by 50%.

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Industry’s First CXL 2.0 RAS Capabilities Demo

At Flash Memory Summit 2023, we demonstrated the CXL 2.0 RAS capabilities of our Leo Memory Connectivity Platform.

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Demo: CXL Memory Pooling

The industry’s first CXL memory pooling solution to reduce memory stranding, optimize memory utilization and reduce TCO for cloud servers from Astera Labs.

CXL from Promise to Reality with Real Silicon on Customer Platforms

Astera Labs is developing purpose-built data and memory connectivity solutions that remove performance bottlenecks throughout the data center. Our silicon, software, and systems-level solutions based on CXL, PCIe and Ethernet technologies are helping our customers realize the vision of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Cloud.

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Memory Wall 3
Breaking Through the Memory Wall

The term “memory wall” was first coined in 1994 to define what was becoming an obvious problem at the time: processor performance was outpacing memory interconnect bandwidth. In other words, memory access was limiting compute performance. Almost 30 years later this statement still holds true, especially in memory-intensive applications such as artificial intelligence (AI) where… Read More »

Astera Labs Delivers Industry-First CXL Interop with DDR5-5600 Memory Modules

Earlier this year, we announced the launch of our Cloud-Scale Interop Lab for CXL to provide robust interoperability testing between our Leo Memory Connectivity Platform and a growing ecosystem of CXL supported CPUs, memory modules and operating systems. By providing this critical testing, we enable customers to deploy CXL-attached memory with confidence by minimizing interoperational… Read More »

Three Things to Know about Astera Labs’ Taurus Ethernet Smart Cable Module Diagnostic Capabilities

Today’s data centers are under pressure to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for data processing, transfer, and storage. This is especially true with the advent of generative artificial intelligence (AI) and the continued investments by more than 97% of organizations in big data and AI initiatives[1]. To keep this data moving and easily accessible,… Read More »

Astera Solutions
The Generative AI Impact: Accelerating the Need for Intelligent Connectivity Solutions

We have entered the Age of Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI is developing at a rapid pace and becoming integral to our lives. According to Bank of America analysts, “just as the iPhone led to an explosion in the use of smartphones and phone apps, ChatGPT-like technology is revolutionizing AI”.[1] Generative AI is changing every… Read More »