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Why We Test

Interoperability testing of PCIe® retimers is critical for HPC and cloud applications to support new compute-intensive workloads – such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Smart Retimer Interop Testing for Enterprise NVMe SSD Deployments
Interop Testing for Enterprise NVMe SSD Deployments

Learn about some specific interop test cases required by our enterprise NVMe SSD customers.

Interop Testing for Popular Endpoints
Interop Testing for Popular Endpoints

Overview of some enterprise PCIe® 4.0 endpoints featured in the Aries PCIe Smart Retimer Interop Report and use cases that require unique test setups for specific device functionalities.

Get Interop Testing that's Optimized for your PCIe Designs
How We Test

Each Aries Smart Retimer device is put through our exhaustive testing regime that uses the latest PCIe® 4.0 systems.

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We have entered the Age of Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI is developing at a rapid pace and becoming integral to our lives. According to Bank of America analysts, “just as the iPhone led to an explosion in the use of smartphones and phone apps, ChatGPT-like technology is revolutionizing AI”.[1] Generative AI is changing every… Read More »

3 Key Takeaways from the Optical Fiber Communications (OFC) Conference and Expo

Earlier this month, Astera Labs participated in the largest-ever multi-vendor interoperability demo hosted by the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) where more than 30 member companies came together to showcase next-generation control management, electrical, and optical technologies. At the show, Astera Labs demonstrated compliance of its Taurus Ethernet Smart Cable Modules™ (SCM) with the OIF’s Common… Read More »

Let’s Get Real with CXL at MemCon!

Join us at this industry-first memory event focused on end users and systems, taking place Tuesday March 28 through Wednesday March 29 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. In today’s data centers, the exponential growth in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications is driving the need for a significant increase in memory…. Read More »

Cloud-Scale Infrastructure Fleet Management Made Easy with Aries Smart Retimers

Data centers today have a lot of servers, and within each server there is an abundance of storage, specialized accelerators, and networking/communications infrastructure. These represent tens of thousands of interconnected systems, and with the rise of hyperscalers and cloud service providers, the scale of data infrastructure is only expected to grow in the years to… Read More »