Visit Astera Labs at TSMC Technology Symposium in Shanghai!

We’re excited to join our partner TSMC for its China Technology Symposium on June 21 at the Shanghai International Convention Center.  

The rise of generative AI is placing exponential demand increases on data centers as it requires massive computational power to train complex machine learning and large language models. At the TSMC Technology Symposium, we’ll be showcasing our class-defining, first-to-market products based on PCIe® and CXL™ technologies that deliver the critical connectivity needed to scale accelerated computing platforms for AI applications.  

Come visit our booth in the Innovation Zone to see live demonstrations of our Aries PCIe/CXL Smart Retimers and our Leo CXL Memory Connectivity Platform – solutions optimized to enable compute-intensive generative AI.   

  •  See PCIe reach extension in action! Our industry-proven Aries Smart Retimers are the most broadly deployed PCIe retimers in the world. By optimizing signal integrity and extending reach in PCIe 5.0/4.0 and CXL systems, Aries is a foundational technology for virtually all state-of-the-art generative AI platforms. These devices maximize bandwidth communication between GPUs or accelerators that are needed to process complex datasets involved in training and inference workloads involving large language models.  
  •  See CXL memory expansion in action! Our Leo Memory Connectivity Platform is the industry’s first solution with real silicon for CXL memory expansion, pooling, and sharing. Data center end-users can expand memory bandwidth and capacity up to 2TB per CPU to CXL link (or 8TB in total utilizing four CPU to CXL links), while leveraging a solution optimized to meet the complex computational requirements of generative AI workloads at low latency.  
  •  Learn how we enable plug-and-play interoperability with our Cloud-Scale Interop Labs! We continue to grow our interoperability labs for both our Aries PCIe Smart Retimers and Leo CXL Memory Connectivity Platform with popular reference systems and customer platforms so you can minimize risk, accelerate time-to-market, and deploy with confidence. Our labs utilize the latest devices including CPUs, GPUs, accelerators, network interface cards (NICs), solid-state-storage (NVMe SSDs) and DRAM memory modules. 

Contact Us to schedule a meeting or stop by the Astera Labs booth in the Innovation Zone to see the demos and meet with our experts. We look forward to seeing you in Shanghai!  

About Astera Labs

Astera Labs is a global leader in purpose-built connectivity solutions that unlock the full potential of cloud and AI infrastructure. Our Intelligent Connectivity Platform integrates PCIe, CXL and Ethernet semiconductor-based solutions based on a software-defined architecture that is both scalable and customizable. Inspired by trusted partnerships with hyperscalers and the data center ecosystem, we are an innovation leader of products that are flexible, interoperable, and reliable. Discover how we are transforming modern data-driven applications at

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