Cable Extender Cards

Enabling Out-of-the-Box PCIe® Expansion​

Requirements & Challenges

  • Cable, connector, and total board losses on both sides of the link make retiming a requirement for PCIe® 6.0, PCIe 5.0 and PCIe 4.0 implementations
  • SRIS/SRNS topologies are preferred because providing copies of REFCLK across each cable adds EMI challenges and additional cost​

Aries Smart DSP Retimer Benefits

  • Supports separate reference clock (SRNS/SRIS) to accommodate out-of-box PCIe interconnect​ without needing to send REFCLK across the cable
  • Retimers can be cascaded for cases with very long cables or large / difficult tray layouts (retimers located both on server and JBoF/JBoG)​
  • Deep diagnostic features supported in BMC-tested SDK
Similar Applications

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Orderable Part NumberDocumentsRetimer GenerationMax PCIe GenPCIe LanesOrderingStatus
PT6082LR 6.xx 8Contact Us,
PT6082LX 6.x / CXL 3.xx 8Contact Us,
PT6162LR 6.xx 16Contact Us,
PT6162LX 6.x / CXL 3.xx 16Contact Us,
PT5082LR 5.0x 8Contact Us,
PT5082LX 5.0 / CXL 2.0x 8Contact Us,
PT5162LR 5.0x 16Contact Us,
PT5162LX 5.0 / CXL 2.0x 16Contact Us,
PT5081LR 5.0x 8Contact Us,
PT5081LX 5.0 / CXL 2.0x 8Contact Us,
PT5161LR 5.0x 16Contact Us,
PT5161LX 5.0 / CXL 2.0x 16Contact Us,
PT4080LR 4.0x 8Contact Us,
PT4161LR 4.0x 16Contact Us,