Astera Labs at TSMC China Technology Symposium – June 2023 (Chinese)

Astera Labs’ Head of Sales and Operations for Asia, Campbell Kan, shares details on our partnership with TSMC. We recently had the opportunity to demonstrate our Aries Smart Retimers and Leo Memory Connectivity Platform – solutions optimized to enable compute-intensive generative AI – at TSMC’s China Technology Symposium.

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The Long and Short of AI: Building Scalable Data Centers in the PCIe 6.x Era

By Abhishek Wadhwa, Senior Field Applications Engineer  The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and Generative AI are transforming how we interact with technology. From healthcare to business efficiency and groundbreaking research, AI and Generative AI are making waves. These AI marvels rely on vast amounts of hardware and infrastructure to function. As such, data centers… Read More »

Leo CXL Smart Memory Controllers: A Commitment to Interoperability

Meeting compliance standards and supporting plug-and-play interoperability are critical, not just for Astera Labs and our customers, but also for the continued success of the AI and Cloud Infrastructure ecosystem. The CXL Consortium’s compliance test events provide consortium members with a venue to collaborate and test the functionality and interoperability of end-products, which enables end… Read More »

Cloud Infrastructure Fleet Management Made Easy With COSMOS

Large server deployments for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and general-purpose computing in hyperscale data centers provide enormous benefits in terms of raw compute power, efficiency, and cost amortization. The on-demand nature and low up-front cost of cloud computing is attractive to an increasing number of enterprises. However, managing such a large fleet of systems presents complex… Read More »

Astera Labs’ Flexible CXL Product Suite Enables Low-Latency Memory Expansion

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the single most transformative technology impacting everyday lives. Data-intensive AI applications as well as in-memory databases, high performance computing (HPC) and high-performance file systems are driving the need for faster interconnects between CPUs, GPUs, TPUs, DPUs, SmartNICs and FPGAs. Low latency is also critical, especially for memory interconnects. Compute Express Link™… Read More »