Memory Expansion

Reduce TCO and increase CPU efficiency with memory bandwidth and capacity expansion

Requirements and Challenges

  • Exponential growth in applications such as AI and ML driving the need for significant increase in memory
  • Memory bandwidth per core is declining and results in CPU inefficiency for computational workloads
  • CPU-attached memory channels are limited by CPU package and platform thermal constraints
  • High Reliability, Availability and Serviceability (RAS) and interoperability with all DIMM vendors is needed for cloud-scale deployment
  • Telemetry and diagnostics to monitor memory and system components is critical for cloud-scale deployment

Leo CXL Smart Memory Controller Benefits

  • Leo increases CPU efficiency by enabling memory bandwidth expansion up to 89.6 GB/s and capacity expansion up to 2TB for cloud-server applications such as AI and ML
  • Plug and play operation for both CXL 1.1 and CXL 2.0 based solutions
  • Interoperates seamlessly with all major memory vendors
  • Lowers TCO through capacity expansion and thermal cooling optimizations
  • Provides customizable RAS, telemetry and fleet management needed for cloud-scale deployment
  • Industry leading security features to ensure end-to-end data integrity and protection
Similar Applications


Orderable Part NumberImageDocumentsDescriptionCXL SpecCXL LinkMemoryCapacityExpansionPooling / SharingOrdering
CM5082E-*CM5082E-* E-Series CXL 2.0 x8 Smart Memory ControllerCXL 1.1/2.08x32G2ch DDR5 Up To 5600MT/s2TBYesNo
CM5162E-*CM5162E-* E-Series CXL 2.0 x16 Smart Memory ControllerCXL 1.1/2.016x32G2ch DDR5 Up To 5600MT/s2TBYesNo
A1000-1P4AAA1000-1P4AA A-Series CXL Smart Memory Add-in CardCXL 1.1/2.016x32G4x DDR5-5600 RDIMM slots2TBYesYes
Leo-SVB-RevALeo-SVB-RevALeo CXL Smart Memory Controller - System Validation BoardCXL 1.1/2.016x32G (PCIe CEM)4x DDR5-5600 RDIMM slots2TBYesYes