Memory Disaggregation

Expand, pool and share memory between multiple servers to increase memory bandwidth and capacity while providing the option to reclaim stranded or under-utilized memory attached to a single server

Requirements and Challenges​

  • Hyperscaler applications require memory expansion, pooling and sharing solutions with scalable cloud infrastructure to optimize memory-intensive application performance or the utilization of memory across multiple servers to improve infrastructure total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Large disaggregated topologies with multiple cables introduce cable routing, serviceability and air flow challenges
  • Passive PCIe DACs can only support ~3 meters for PCIe 5.x, limiting the number of hosts and CXL memory appliances that can be supported
  • Large topologies with CXL devices require advanced cable and fleet management features essential managing data center infrastructure

Aries Smart Cable Module (SCM) Benefits​

  • Purpose-built for demanding and low-latency disaggregated CXL memory infrastructure and delivers robust signal integrity and link stability over long distances
  • Improves cable routing and rack air flow with low power active electrical cables (AEC) using thin copper cables to scale disaggregated CXL memory infrastructure within and across racks
  • Supports reliable PCIe 5.x/CXL 2.0 reach extension up to 7 meters to enable larger disaggregated CXL memory infrastructure in a multi-rack architecture
  • Real-time lane, link and device health monitoring and management features with Astera Labs’ COSMOS suite that provides comprehensive diagnostics and advanced Link, Fleet and RAS management for cloud-scale deployments
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