Principal Electronic Engineer (Systems)

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Astera Labs, Inc., 2901 Tasman Drive, Suite 204, Santa Clara CA 95054.


With a high degree of independent responsibility, the Principal Electronic Engineer (Systems) is responsible for all aspects of System on a Chip (Soc) device control, validation, and system integration for our proprietary semiconductor connectivity technology. Duties include:

  • Architecting, specifying and verifying microcontroller to SoC interfaces in complex modules/systems.
  • Developing firmware for stand-alone and/or on-chip microcontroller(s) for management, diagnostic and security features for complex SoC to meet variety of industry standards (PCIe,I2C, Ethernet, DDR, etc.) and numerous customer-specific requirements.
  • Developing and executing laboratory procedures for ensuring robust SoC operation and validating that SoC functionality conforms to target specifications and industry standards.
  • Developing software tool-kits and automation utilities for use in post-Si validation and product integration in customer systems.
  • Engaging with end customer(s) for product integration, in-system testing and remedying anomalous behavior. This position requires a Master’s in EE; CE; or closely related field of foreign equivalent, and three (3) years experience as a Firmware/Electronic/Systems Engineer, or closely related occupation.

Must have experience with:

  • C or C++
  • Python or JavaScript or Java or PHP
  • Communication protocols like: SPI or I2C or UART
  • Linux or Unix
  • Git or GitHub
  • Control Systems, and
  • JTAG.


Kushagra Saxena [email protected]

Key Job Details



Masters or foreign equivalent in EE, CE, or closely related field and 3 years of experience.

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