Principal Electronic Engineer (Physical Design) – Multiple Openings

Responsible for all implementation phases from netlist to GDSII. Experience with Fin-FET processes required. Hands-on experience with place and route, timing closure, physical verification and tapeout checks is a must. Deep knowledge of industry standard tools. Knowledge of DFT architecture and scan insertion preferred. Must have solid communication skills.

Job Description

With a high degree of independent decision-making capability and minimum supervision, the principal electronic engineer (physical design) will be responsible for all aspects of System On a Chip (SOC) physical design and implementation for Astera Labs proprietary semiconductor connectivity technology.

Duties include:

  • Defining a comprehensive physical design methodology for a complex SOC which can ensure successful integration of various ip blocks;
  • Developing custom SOC design scripts needed for integrating various ip blocks, converting verilog code to gate-level netlist, inserting design for test (dft) components into the design, place and route, timing closure, and layout versus schematic (LVS) and design rule check (DRC) verification, etc.;
  • Synthesizing custom verilog code into gate-level netlist and inserting dft components;
  • Implementing synthesized into physical design by using advanced place-and-route tools, running timing analysis reports and iterating on the design to meet timing goals;
  • Using advanced voltage drop analysis tools to ensure adequate power delivery and robust electromigration across the design;
  • Completing physical verification (LVS and DRC) and formal verification to ensure physical design matches rtl description and passes all foundry mandated checks; and
  • Working with the foundry to ship the physical design (GDS) to start wafer level manufacturing.

Basic Qualifications

This position requires a bachelor’s or foreign equivalent in EE, CE, or closely related field and five (5) years progressive professional experience as a Design Engineer; ASIC Engineer; Hardware Engineer, or closely related occupation.

Must have professional experience with:

  • Synthesis: Design Complier;
  • Place and Route: IC Compiler II, IC Compiler;
  • Noise Analysis AND Signal Integrity Analysis: Primetime-SI;
  • Power Analysis (EM AND IR DROP ANALYSIS): Apache Redhawk;
  • Scripting Languages: TCL, PERL and UNIX;
  • Parasitic Extraction (RC Extraction): Starrc, Starrc-XT;
  • Static Timing Analysis: Primetime;
  • Formal Verification:, LEC, Formality;
  • Physical Verification (DRC/LVS/ANT): ICV

Key Job Details



MSEE/BSEE; 8+ years

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