General Compute

Enabling extended CXL reach for low-latency memory fabric connectivity for high-capacity memory tiering, pooling, and sharing architectures.

Requirements and Challenges​

  • Hyperscalers are deploying CXL memory expansion and pooling solutions to achieve higher application performance and improved TCO
  • Distances between the processor and expanded memory resources are increasing
  • At PCIe 5.0 speeds, passive PCIe DAC reach is limited to 3 meters
  • Passive PCIe DACs and general-purpose AECs lack advanced cable and fleet management features essential managing data center infrastructure

Aries Smart Cable Module (SCM) Benefits​

  • Aries SCMs extend high-bandwidth PCIe 5.0 and CXL signal reach beyond the rack at 128 GB/s for up to 7 meters to enable low-latency memory fabrics for scalable cloud infrastructure
  • Aries SCMs improve cable routing, serviceability, and air flow with thin copper cables and feature low power CMOS process and L1.0 Low-Power Mode to maintain existing rack power and thermal density
  • Aries SCMs offer system-wide visibility and management features with Astera Labs’ COSMOS software that enables enhanced security, quick debug, and flexible firmware upgrade.
  • Aries SCMs are compatible with leading cable assembly suppliers to support multi-sourced cable solutions — enabling a flexible supply chain.
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